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9 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Professor wassup bro? Are you still in the Bay Area? You were the best English Professor ever bro… One of kind! I wish you the best.. One last question…..are still teaching at the Community College level? Yours, John Cruz


    1. My homie! Miss you, dude. Sadly, I am not long for the Bay Area these days. I’ll be relocating to Central Mass soon so that I can be closer to ground zero for the Patriots universe.
      Can you make it out to the reading on 7/24?


      1. Hi Professor, I miss you too “big fella.” I will try…if I can make it, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Sounds like you are embarking in a new and exciting Journey! Best of luck bro. Maybe one day we will cross each other paths in the East Coast. Let’s stay in touch via social media, etc. Best, John Cruz


  2. Mr. Harwood:

    Looking forward to reading your upcoming release next month. I’ve been a long time admirer of your work. Have a great weekend!


    Thomas Scott
    Virgil Jones Mystery Series


      1. My pleasure, and it would be an honor. I’d love your thoughts if you ever get the chance. State Of Anger is book #1 in the series. As an aside, book 2, (State Of Betrayal) made it to the quarter-finals of the ABNA the last year of the contest. Got a nice plug from Publisher’s Weekly. Would have been nice to get the opportunity to work with T&M! I’d be interested in learning about your path to their door. Drop me a private email if you’d like to discuss it. Thanks again!



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